Man Law-BBQ - BBQ Grill Topper

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BBQ Grill Topper


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  • Char grilling over an open fire couldn’t get much easier that this!
  • The MAN LAW Grill Topper is over ½ a meter in length! (Hey in technical terms it’s a whopping 52.3x32.2cm!)
  • Thick gauge stainless steel material - it has a perforated and a flat plate section so you can cook directly over the fire. Or maybe push those coals to one side so you can rest that BBQ’d meat on the flat to soak up all those beautiful juices.
  • Now there’s a BBQ Champion who knows how to play with his coals !
  • With practical handles for easy manoeuvrability!
  • Guys – your next camp fire BBQ is set to go! 
  •  The perforated side can also be used for cooking over the grill rack so that you can cook smaller items like chicken nuggets, prawns, etc over the grill and not have them broil on the plate.
  • Man Law does it again!!

MAN LAW Grill Topper used on a Public BBQ.pdf MAN LAW Grill Topper used on a Public BBQ.pdf (540.14 KB)

All professional photo's with thanks to West Side Image -

(the unprofessional ones are by the Man Law Head Griller!)

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