Man Law-BBQ - Cast Iron BBQ Grill Press

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Cast Iron BBQ Grill Press


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  • I bet you don’t see one of these every day! Yep – it’s a BBQ Grill Press!
  • Size:L9.0"xW5.1"xH3.5"
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron base and chrome-plated spiral handle
  • Pre-heat it up on your BBQ and apply it to all those BBQ food items that refuse to obey even the best BBQ Grill Master!
  • Cooks quicker as you're cooking from both sides at once!
  • Use it on those pesky Lamb Cutlets that curl, Smoky Bacon that bends, even those Minute steaks for your Steak 'Sanga' – the list is endless!
  • Hand wash only

All professional photo's with thanks to West Side Image -

(the unprofessional ones are by the Man Law Head Griller!)

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