Man Law-BBQ - Digital Read Instant Gauge

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Digital Read Instant Gauge


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  • Wanna know a secret? This is a must have for BBQ Chef’s Australia wide!
  • Use this for anything – especially around a BBQ.
  • It has an auto on/off button, hold feature, select either C or F, it’s waterproof IP65, has a min and max feature, a backlit display, made with premium grade stainless steel, has a wide temp range -45C to 200C, 5 sec response time and we throw in the battery & sheath for free !
  • Lastly – we have imprinted on the back all the meat temps required for each type of meat including well done, medium and rare for red meats.
  • It seriously is your trusty companion!
  • Premium grade stainless steel probe
  • 5 second quick response time
  • Battery included
  • Sheath included (picture shown with sheath covering the probe)
  • So that's how these fancy chef's do it!

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All professional photo's with thanks to West Side Image -

(the unprofessional ones are by the Man Law Head Griller!)


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