Man Law-BBQ - Digital BBQ Instant Read Meat Gauge

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Digital BBQ Instant Read Meat Gauge


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  • Here at MAN LAW we’ve embraced the Digital Age as it brings amazing tools to the BBQ Arena!  

  • Take this digital meat gauge for example – 7 meats are pre-programmed in ready for you to use, all your red meats have rare, medium and well done ranges available, it has a 5 second response time, an extra long probe, audible alarm, auto power off and you can change it from C to F with the flick of a switch!
  • Now the only thing left to worry about are the batteries – and we throw those in for you !
  • Selectable between °F & °C Temperature range: 32°F ~ 392°F
  • User set alarm temperatures - if you want to!
  • Extra long probe for checking larger roasts or also perfect for your steak, fish, chicken or hamburger patty.
  • Audible alarm to let you know if the themperature has been reached yet.
  • Auto power off to save battery life
  • Battery Included
  • 5-second quick response time
  • Just select the meat type and your desired level of 'doneness', while the meat is cooking, when you feel it should be ready, push the end of the probe into the meat, fish or chicken & the display will tell you if it is done yet or not ... if not - grab another beer & wait a little longer then check again (best to make good use of the waiting time!)
  • A premium BBQ meat thermometer that, being digital, takes some of the quesswork out but you still look like the BBQ consummate professional!

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Click here to see the fantastic Digital Meat Gauge in action - as seen on TV!

All professional photo's with thanks to West Side Image -

(the unprofessional ones are by the Man Law Head Griller!)

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