Man Law-BBQ - Leather Gloves

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Leather Gloves


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  • When a man is cooking on the grill – he doesn’t want some frilly oven mitt from the kitchen to accompany him !
  • In any case – mitts just don’t cut it when it comes to the flaming BBQ !
  • We need something serious – something MAN LAW!
  • With a thick anti-abrasion leather glove, a 35.5cm glove for protecting hands and forearms from heat.
  • Rough matt black suede finish and gold trim.
  • This is serious equipment – and it looks good!
  • It’s flame resistant and heat retardant up to 260 Celsius, and is great to use especially with the Grill Press as the handle gets mighty hot, but also great for moving the Cast Iron Griddle, Grill Topper or Square Wok!
  • Hey @ Man Law we think of everything!

All professional photo's with thanks to West Side Image -

(the unprofessional ones are by the Man Law Head Griller!)

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