Man Law-BBQ - Meat Gauge with Glow in the Dark Dial

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Meat Gauge with Glow in the Dark Dial


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  • Would you like to know what is our No# 1 Best Seller is?
  • This one – and YES it really is!  
  • It’s what every good Master Chef, Cook, and Backyard BBQ’er has tucked away in their kitchen 2nd drawer ready to pull out when cooking a roast.
  • Seriously - this is one accessory you can’t live without: inside or out! Stainless steel construction, large dial & pointer, dishwasher safe and NSF listed.
  • Leave the gauge in the roast the whole time you’re cooking, easy to read through the oven door or BBQ Hood window with glow in the dark digits. When you’re finished cooking throw it in the dishwasher!
  • No home should be without one !
  • Dial size: diameter 2.4" (60mm)
  • Wide temperature range marked: 40°C up to 80°C (100°F up to 170°F)
  • Glow in the dark dial and pointer
  • Temperature guide included on the dial face. The dial pointer points to the level to which the meat is done, or ‘cooked to’, in the centre, or where the end of the probe is placed. You remove the meat from the BBQ when the dial points to your desired level of ‘doneness’.

A little tip - put the probe in the roast or chicken as horizontally as possible, because, as the meat cooks it shrinks away from the metal probe, the hot juices then run down and make the probe tip think it's hotter than it actually is & therefore, the roast seem as though it's cooked more than it actually is.
Also - try to keep the dial away from the flame.

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