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Man’s ONLY Choice for BBQ Tools and Accessories

About Man Law

Man Law™  stands for providing the best BBQ tools you can get for all your grilling needs. In the long run, it’s just plain smarter to pay for a nice kit once instead of re-upping on low-quality extras year after year.

For example - you definitely don’t want a steak knife that looks (and feels) cheap. You didn’t compromise on your meat or your grill - why compromise on the quality of your utensils? Cutting your top-dollar steak or freshly grilled fish with a plastic-handled, bargain-bin knife ruins the whole experience!

At Man Law, we make knives with a heavy-duty, stainless steel build; a dishwasher-safe, non-slippery design; a lifetime warranty. That’s the kind of standard we make all our items to. Most people don’t even know top-tier BBQ tools and accessories like ours exist - let alone where to buy them. We want to fix that.

If you’re looking for mens’ gift ideas, you’re sure to delight a friend, family member or loved one with a thoughtful pack of grill essentials - which we’re more than happy to gift-wrap for you.

Best of all, when you’re shopping with us you can rest safe, knowing that the mens’ gifts you buy with us are made for guys, by guys. These are serious, heavy-duty tools that appeal to meat lovers, male and female, on a gut level - but are made with the outdoor-loving man in mind. 

Our Tools

The great thing about a BBQ tool set is that it can come in whatever style and size you like. This makes it easy to find a toolset that you like - or one that makes a great present for a friend or family member. For instance, in our store alone, you’ll find multiple kinds of 3-piece sets.

Finding the right tools for you is a matter of taste - but there are several key things to keep in mind. First is durability. Yes, most people have a set of cheap, ticky-tacky BBQ tools that came with their grill - but most of the time, these don’t last. They either break down or fall into a state of permanent disrepair, which - as you can imagine - makes them inferior.

What you want instead is a robust set of tools that will work for years to come, taking whatever punishment the grill and its owner throw its way.

Next are looks. On this page, you’ll find multiple attractive styles. All our products are premium-quality barbecue tools, and the number of designs available makes it easy to pick the right one for you - and look great by the side of any BBQ set-up.

Finally, you want to make sure you have the right number of pieces in your set. Having unwanted items in a gift set is fine - but if you already have great tongs at home, why waste an extra $35 on a new pair? Exactly; no reason at all.

And when you’re checking out our tools, why not pick a few matching knives?


You don’t want to be reduced to slicing your prime steak or filet with a regular kitchen knife or, god forbid - a plastic one… Do you? Of course not! That’s the first (and most important reason) to invest in a good set of knives - like our thick, heavy-gauge stainless steel ones.

The second is that no BBQ lover worth their salt will respect you unless you have a worthy set of knives at home. It’s what separates a hobbyist from a pro; the cream from the skim; a steak cooked to perfection from a charred lump of has-been meat. A great set of knives is how people know you’re the real deal!

And here’s something else; a little-known but useful secret you can use to make your next steak or filet that much better. You should never rely on just your eyes, and the outer looks of a piece of meat, in judging whether it’s done or not. Instead, invest in…

Our Thermometers, Gauges, BBQ & Smoker

To help you with that last part, we’re offering a set of thermometers and gauges that’ll make sure you don’t waste precious meat by over (or under) cooking it. You deserve a perfect grill - and our gadgets will make sure you get it. 

We’ve got roast grills that show the temperature of a BBQ set-up from as much as a meter away. We’ve also got gadgets that gauge the inner temperature of meat, telling you whether it’s rare; well done; medium.

Look… the last thing you want is to splurge on the best meat cuts and freshest fish with your friends and family, just for the experience to be ruined because you can’t keep track of the grilling process.

That’s why you need at least one roast thermometer, presented in our Online Shop page.

Having these mean never hearing another complaint about undercooked or overcooked meat; never having to worry about uncooked chicken or fish; looking like a BBQ wizard compared to muggles.

So whether you want to take your own cooking to the next level, or just pick a perfect present for someone who loves the great outdoors, good times and grilling, get a thermometer right now. You won’t regret it; trust us!

BBQ Excellence

Once you’re armed with the right tools, knives and thermometers, you’re ready to enjoy true grilling glory.

Always remember that no matter how great your tools are, what really matters is spending time with your friends and family and just enjoying life. Always drink responsibly, try to keep your diet balanced and make sure your meat and seafood are cooked and stored properly.

Take care of that and get the meat - and our tools will help you do the rest.

Yours in service,

Man Law Australia