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BBQ Chicken Wing Rack


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  • Now it takes a BBQ Genius to invent one of these – and here at MAN LAW that’s exactly what we do!
  • Chicken drummies, wings and thighs are hard to cook all the way through, the marinade will often burn before the meat is done – and to top it all off, it makes a mess of your grill!
  • Get one of these beauties on your BBQ or in the oven and those days are over!
  • Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, it has a removable grill pan included as a base. Cook some vege's underneath to catch all those lovely juices, it holds up to 12 pieces of meat in the rack
  • Gotta love a good MAN LAW invention!
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Removable grill pan included as base
  • No more need to flip 'em over
  • Cooks 12 wings / thighs / drumsticks, etc evenly on the BBQ or in the oven
  • HANDY HINT: Cover the base of the Chicken Rack with foil to make clean-up easier!
  • We've been asked for the size a couple of times (to check it fits in your BBQ) so here it is when the rack is standing on the tray ...
  • 15.5cm high (from the base of the tray to the top of the rack) x 44cm long (from one handle on the side of the tray to the end of the handle on the other side) x 16cm wide (across the tray). 
  • Of course it will fit!

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