Man Law-BBQ - IR-160 Infra-Red Temperature Gun

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IR-160 Infra-Red Temperature Gun


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How's this for the best & most amazing BBQ tool you've seen all day -- amaze your friends and confound the rest when you point the laser gun at the steak on the Barbie from a foot away (while keeping hold of your beer) & tell them what temperature it is.

Fantastic for Piza Ovens ... gives you the temperature of various parts of the inside of the oven without having to burn your hands. Same as an oven - pizza ovens have hotter & 'cooler' spots & makes sure it's at the right temp before you put that expensive cut of meat in there to roast! & no-one likes burnt pizza!

  • Measures from -30 up to +300ºC with a resolution of 0.2ºC.
  • Displays temp of the target in under 1 second
  • Displayed temperature will remain on hold on the screen for 15 seconds.
  • Lense ratio: 12:1 (measures a 1cm ‘spot’ at 12cm distance)
  • Serial numbered for traceability
  • Backlit display so you can see the temp at night,
  • °C / °F selectable
  • Laser pointer (class 2 laser)
  • Accuracy 2% of reading ±2°C
  • Operating temp: 0 ~ 50°C so don't put it in the flame just because it will read up to 300C!!
  • Battery: 2 x AAA (included), Low battery indicator
  • Auto power off after idle 15 seconds (the display will show ‘OFF’ as it auto power’s off)
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